Boxing Day Sale Goes Live on ECOVACS OZMO N7 Robot Cleaner [Down to Just $279.99]

Abdullah Saad
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We saw some fantastic deals on Black Friday, but if you missed out on them, the final deals of 2021 are now live. ECOVACS is offering a flash limited-stock discount of $220 on its acclaimed DEEBOT N7 robot vacuum-n-mop. Originally priced for $499.99, you can now get the DEEBOT N7 for just $279.99 (don't forget to check the coupon box to get the discount), making it a pretty useful product in the budget that also makes for a thoughtful gift.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N7 is your no-fuss robot cleaning assistant that is ready to vacuum and mop your floors in one go. Its high-performance 2300Pa suction power removes micro-sized particles of dust and dirt hiding in floor cracks and carpet - all at surprisingly low noise levels. DEEBOT also features Smart Navi 3.0 mapping technology that creates a systematic cleaning path with fewer missed spots.

Breathe easier knowing that the filters effectively capture particles as small as 6 microns.

N7's OZMO™ Mopping System allows simultaneous vacuuming and mopping using precision water control and auto-carpet detection. This isn't your regular mopping system that's more like a messy drip system. OZMO uses a precision micro-water pump to avoid leaks and over-wetting of floors.

Some of the specs of the DEEBOT N7 vacuum and mop

  • Smart Navi 3.0 Laser Mapping
  • OZMO Electronically Controlled Water Pump
  • Cleaning Mode: Auto, Area, Custom
  • Vacuum Components: Main Brush, 2 Side Brushes, Vacuum
  • Carpet Detection
  • Vacuum Power Adjustment (Auto and Manual)
  • Dust Bin Capacity (ml): 420
  • Floating Main Brush
  • Map Generated by App
  • Voice Report
  • Time Scheduling
  • Continuous Cleaning
  • Size of Robot (φxH,mm): 350mm x 350mm x 93mm
  • Noise Value (dBA ): 65
  • Lithium-Ion, 3200mAh
  • Working Time (min): 110
  • Package contains: Robot, Charging dock, 2 Side Brushes

DEEBOT's all-new fan motor uses glass fiber material to optimize energy efficiencies and ensure durability during high suction while keeping noise levels surprisingly low. It also comes with all the leading industry features like full automation through the app, scheduling, and more. You can create virtual boundaries to keep the robot away from certain areas and set no-go areas. N7 comes with a 3-layer dust filtration system that removes 99% of microparticle matter and allergens.

Pandemic has made us all freaked out about cleaning. With the DEEBOT N7, you can let go of that headache and let it do a deep cleaning every single day. Come home to fresh, clean floors, all day, every day!

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