Echo Generation Brings Stylish Canadian Fun to PC, Xbox, and Game Pass in October

Nathan Birch
Echo Generation

Xbox Game Pass is getting an extra injection of Canadianawith  the launch of Echo Generation next month. Coming from Toronto-based developer Cococucumber, Echo Generation sports a fun retro vibe that’s one part Earthbound, one part Stranger Things, with a slick “elevated Minecraft” visual style that really sets it apart. Combining traditional adventure-game-style investigations with turn-based RPG battles, the game should appeal to a wide audience, but particularly to Canucks (the game’s main character literally sports the maple leaf on the back of his jacket and does battle with a hockey stick). You can check out a new trailer for Echo Generation, below.

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Need to know more about Echo Generation? Here are the game’s key features:

  • Active Turn-Based Combat - Become a battle master and unlock your hidden potential by collecting over 30 Comic Books, each with their own unique minigames, skills and stat boosts.
  • Gather Your Party - Recruit adorable pet companions on your adventure and utilize their specialized skill sets to face enemies and bosses. Never leave your pets at home again!
  • Explore and Uncover Secrets - The folks of Maple Town are always happy to lend a hand as you complete quests and solve mysteries; some may unlock new paths or hint at a secret or two.
  • Heartwarming Story - Set in the 90s, Echo Generation has a heartwarming story about the supernatural, family and the nostalgia of growing up in a small town.
  • Charming Voxel Art Style - Immerse yourself in the stunning voxel art style of Echo Generation, the second title in the developer’s ‘Voxel Trilogy’ of games.

Echo Generation makes its debut on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S (including Game Pass on Day 1) on October 21.

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