Easily Root and Bootloader Unlock Galaxy Nexus 10 With Mskip Toolkit


The Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus is one the best 10-inch Android 4.2 Jellybean tablet that boasts of a Samsung Xynos 1.70 GHz processor along with 2 GB RAM. The tablet has managed to gain massive fan ground due to its affordability as well as the great 2560 x 1600 screen resolution.

The Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus 10 also boasts of a great Android developer and hacker support present on various Android portals such as XDA. The tablet’s release was quickly followed by an unlocked bootloader that resulted in gaining permanent root along with providing all ROM chefs to produce great custom ROMs. However, until now, the rooting and bootloader process wasn’t that easy and there were many who were looking for a simpler yet effective method to do the deed.

XDA senior moderation and recognized developer launched the Google Nexus 10 All in one toolkit. The tool kit, like other AIOs currently available for various Android devices, lets you easily unlock your Nexus 10 bootlaoder following by rooting the tablet.

With mskip’s all in one toolkit, Galaxy Nexus 10 users can easily attain root on their devices, unlock or relock the bootloader, flash custom recoveries, push custom APKs from PC to phone etc. In fact, this Nexus 10 all in one root and bootloader toolkit is your Nexus 10’s Swiss army knife.

Due to the fact that consistent development has been taking place for this toolkit, so the current version is 1.3.0

According to the users, who downloaded and took this nexus 10 tool kit for a trial, it has largely been doing what it claims to do. However, you will need to have ADB drivers installed on your PC before using this toolkit for further operation.

The usage of mskip’s Nexus 10 root and bootloader unlock toolkit is pretty simple. All you have to do is to download the rootkit, install the package and follow on-screen instructions to root your phone, unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery image or make a backup of your current ROM. The tool kit also gives you an option to install ADB / Fastboot drivers for your Nexus 10 but it is better if you locate and install them manually via PDANet.

Here are some screenshots of how it will look once you have the Nexus 10 all in one root and bootloader unlock toolkit installed on your system.

Although the toolkit method to root and bootloader unlock the Galaxy Nexus 10 is the easiest and fool-proof, but we still advise you to proceed with caution and be careful. You can download Galaxy Nexus 10 all-in-toolkit from here and then head to the official XDA thread posted here for installation instructions, usage guides, frequently asked question and Live developer support (if you need). There is also a donate version of this Galaxy Nexus all-in-one root and bootloader unlock toolkit available. The donate version basically updates on the go when new builds are released. In case of the free version, the operations and functionality isn't different from the donate version but you won’t be getting small updates that are released. For more information, please head to the XDA link provided above.

Again, all credits for this Nexus 10 All in One root, bootloader unlock, custom recovery and backup toolkit goes to Mskip at XDA.