EA Unveils New Battlefield 4 Levolution and Multiplayer Gameplays – BETA Arrives in Early October, Premium Service Detailed

Hassan Mujtaba

At their Gamescom 2013 conference, EA showcased the latest Battlefield 4 Multiplayer gameplay that is set on a new island map called Paracel Storm. DICE's next generation Battlefield 4 is built from ground up powered by a new Frostbite 3 engine and backed by powerful gameplay and multiplayer features that no other online shooter has to offer. EA also displayed a full preview of Levolution which turns out to be much greater than anticipated.

Battlefield 4 Amazes Gamers at GamesCom 2013

The new Battlefield 4 Multiplayer gameplay which is based on the island map shows 72 players competing against each other in an all out war. Battlefield 4 would go all out with Levolution with each map featuring its own set of massive destruction setting. Some of the maps showed Levolution in the form of a battleship crashing on an Paracel Island, a whole dam being blown apart and the building destruction from Seife of Shanghai.

The Battlefield 4 Mutliplayer was showcased on a PC powered by AMD hardware since the company is EA's official hardware partner. It should also be noted that PC is the lead platform for all Frostbite 3 based games which means exclusive optimization for AMD powered hardware for DICE's developed games.

Battlefield 4 Premium is making a comeback with Battlefield 4 featuring 5 DLC packs with the last one being Final Stand. More details on which would be available soon.

DICE has also implemented some really great new features in the gameplay and story mechanics of Battlefield 4. For starters, DICE is offering players to transfer their Battlefield 4 profiles from current generation platforms to next generation platforms. Suppose you get your hands on Battlefield 4 for current generation early but later make the switch to next generation platforms, you can then easily transfer your profile to your next generation platform and you’ll be ready for action within seconds rather than buying the game for the new console again and progressing through it.

Battlefield 4 Premium Service Trailer and Features:

  • 5 Expansion Packs
  • 2 Weeks Early Access
  • 12 Battlepacks
  • Priority Server Cues
  • New Content Ever Week

Battlefield 4 Expansions Packs List:

  • China Rising (Fight for Dominance in the majestic Chinese Mainland)
  • Second Assault (Revisit 4 Fan Favorite Battlefield 3 Maps - Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Kharg Island)
  • Naval Strike (Experience Dynamic Ocean Combat with Chinese Faction)
  • Dragons Teeth (All out Urban Warfare with US Faction)
  • Last Stand (Final Map Pack/ Epic Conclusion)


Three factions would go against each other which include China, USA and Russia. All out war between these three would result in the most immersive action ever crafted. Server owners have the choice to pit a specific faction against each other. Players in a certain squad have been increased to 5 and PC players with a secondary screen now have the ability to turn it in a Battlescreen to view the map, change the loadout and more. Battlelog 2.0 also offers compatibility with tablets and mobile devices which can also be used as a second screen. Lastly, EA and DICE have optimized Battlefield 4 for the PC down from toes featuring DX11.1 support. AMD hardware would be exclusively optimized for Battlefield 4.

DICE's General manager has also confirmed that the BETA for Battlefield 4 would be available to gamers to try out in early October. Battlefield 3 Premium and MOH: Warfighter owners would get first access to the BETA early on.

Battlefield 4 arrives on 30th October 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A new multiplayer gameplay would be showcased today at EA’s Gamescom 2013 conference so be sure to tune into your favorite online streaming service to view the action.

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