EA ready for TGS With “Several” New Announcements.

EA has revealed that is it gearing up for TGS and will reveal Several new major game announcements at the EA Tokyo Showcase 2010 which will be set in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo. The showcase will be held a day before the Tokyo Game Show which will be held till September 14th till 22nd of the same month.

One of the new upcoming announcement is said to be related to the "Action Horror" Game which was announced by EA about 2 years ago. The game was being developed in collaboration with some famous developers featuring Suda 51, Akira, Yamaoka and Shinji Mikami. The game had been set to be released for a long time but it is now that finally gamers will get a chance to see what EA has been working  on over these years.

Some new titles are also in work with collaboration with EA's Japanese Studios and Partner's who are developing them. A Major announcement could also include the Sequel to the highly successful First Person Action Adventure Game " Mirror's Edge". Yep! We are talking about Mirror's Edge here, We might get a chance to control Faith again making her jump through the beautiful skyline of the gleaming city. It has not been said by the developer's if its going to be released but we can speculate a bit, cant we?

Some Major announcements have also been done by EA is the previous days which include Mass Effect 2 coming out on the PS3 which is a big announcement, So we hope some sequels to the old titles along with a few new one's will spice up things at EA's Tokyo Showcase 2010.


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