EA DICE; Battlefront Much More Emotional And Evocative Than Battlefield


Since the game’s announcement, Star Wars: Battlefront has received its fair share of criticism from the community. The absence of the instant-action mode that was included with Battlefront 2, is considered a big letdown for fans of the series. Coming from the same developer as Battlefield (and running on the Frostbite engine as well), fans also seem to be worried that Battlefront will just be another ‘Star Wars themed’ Battlefield.

In a recent interview with website VG247, Battlefront’s lead designer Jamie Keen, talked about how the upcoming Battlefront differs from Battlefield.

Both titles are first-person shooters. While Battlefield focuses on the ‘war-element’, Battlefront focuses on reliving the Star-Wars movies. “Battlefront has a different feel. Jumping into an M1 tank or whatever it might be is very different from jumping into an AT-AT”, Keen said.

The inclusion of iconic, pilotable vehicles as snow speeders, speeder bikes and the famous Millennium Falcon, will surely add to reliving that experience.

The lead designer adds that from a personal view, Battlefront is much more evocative and emotional than Battlefield is.

It’s a much more evocative experience. All I can say is from a personal perspective is that it’s a lot more evocative. You stepping into the shoes of someone like Darth Vader, for example, or you stepping into a cockpit…

That’s purely from the Star Wars side of things. It’s a lot more emotional experience, for me personally.

Judging from what I’ve seen at last Gamescom, the game is going to be an insane success. The premiere of the new Star Wars movie in December will only add to the game’s hype. I truly hope that Battlefront allows me to experience that special Star Wars magic that surrounds the movies. Somehow I think it will.

Star Wars: Battlefront launches on November 17th for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.