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E3 2015, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Hands On


Mirror's Edge was an incredibly revolutionary game when it released in 2008. An unprecedented level of control within the world to accomplish your objectives with some pretty fantastic visuals too.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst brings that feeling of freedom to a whole new level.

Unfortunately pictures weren't explicitly allowed, so I can only attempt to describe the awesome gameplay with my fantastically concocted prose.

You might think that by virtue of being the same premise, that Mirror's Edge Catalyst is just a new story in the same universe, with a few improvements. You'd be dead wrong.

Obviously it's gorgeous. We played at 1080P with G-Sync enabled, making the experience that much more lively. Frostbite 3 is utilized really well here, even in a closed demo and an early build. The HDR visual style is retained and it's better than ever.

We completed three simple missions that requires us to navigate to objectives through the city, with the iconic red pathway guiding you. Mechanics were fluid and quite enjoyable.

The most significant part of the demo, however, was after those objectives. Free-running through the City of Glass and just enjoying the scenery was a blast. The complex rolls, wall running and really impressive.

I don't think I can convey how freeing it felt, how good it felt to just be able to explore and run around at your leisure. In this demo there wasn't a whole lot extra to do, but there didn't need to be. Just running with the fluid movements of Faith felt fantastic. When you place a marker on the map, a red path appears to take you to your objective as well. Mirror's Edge Catalyst has the free-running mechanics that Assassin's Creed wishes it had. I'd imagine that the open world will be tremendously more populated in the final game. Crucially, the alpha state was running very smoothly and very well.

This might be the game to wait for. If the experience is already this polished, then I can't wait for the full game.

It should be released in February of 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and the PC if development stays on track. All they have to do is follow the red guide, right?