Dying Light: The Following’s Map Is Twice As Big As The Base Game; Parkour Is Still Essential

Alessio Palumbo

Last week, Polish developer Techland announced Dying Light: The Following's release date to be set for February 9, 2016. They also revealed to have been working on an Enhanced Edition of the base game, which will be available on the same day for free to every owner of Dying Light.

We've managed to reach Techland in order to learn more details about Dying LIght: The Following, especially since the base game was among the very best releases in 2015. Producer Tymon Smektala was kind enough to reply:

  • You've mentioned in the latest gameplay video that Dying Light: The Following features "a map bigger than all the areas of the original game combined". How much bigger, though, if you had to guesstimate? 20-25%, perhaps?
  • We haven’t measured the new area exactly. Though a quick look shows us there is enough space to take the 2 main maps from Dying Light and fit them into The Countryside at least twice.

That's definitely a lot bigger, especially since the two main maps were separated by a loading screen while the new area in Dying Light: The Following should be seamless.

I also had another pressing question regarding the addition of the buggy to this expansion.

  • As someone who also played Dead Island, the transition from vehicles to parkour in Dying Light made perfect sense. With The Following though, you're reintroducing vehicles in the mix, and I'm a bit worried that it might disrupt what made parkour so special in the base game. How do you plan to avoid this issue?
  • There are areas of the map where parkour is still essential and a key tool to your survival. We know fans loved the parkour so were making sure it’s still a crucial element. The dirt buggy is something new when it comes to getting around, while parkour will be the familiar favourite which equally has a place in Dying Light: The Following.

This is quite reassuring, as parkour was definitely one of the reasons Dying Light was so successful. Check back tomorrow for our full interview on Dying Light: The Following.

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