DUBL Drive App Turns Your iPhone into a Dual Camera Dash Cam Complete with Collision Detection and More

Uzair Ghani
DUBL Drive app turns your iPhone into a dual camera dash cam

There's a new app in the block called DUBL Drive which turns your iPhone into a dual camera dash cam. It features everything you'd expect and more.

Download DUBL Drive for iPhone Now and Start Recording Your Travels to be Safe

Dash cams have gained popularity over the years and some have even added multiple cameras to record everything around us. Those dual camera dash cams can be pretty expensive, so why not turn your iPhone into one instead? That's right, DUBL Drive allows you to just that, turn your iPhone into a dual camera dash cam and it has all the features you'd expect from a dedicated dash cam too and then some more.

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Thanks to iOS 13, Apple unleashed a new API that allows the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 to record video using both the front and back cameras. DUBL Drive uses the API to turn the iPhone into a dual camera dash cam while you are on the go. But that's not all, it even records your speed and GPS data directly within the video itself. Your mapping needs are handled using Apple Maps, which might be a bummer or a win given how you look at it.

The app will instantly record a 30 second clip and save it to your library as soon as it detects hard braking or if something bumps into your car at 10MPH or above. This is a super handy feature as it can record everything super vital that can assist you later.

The app has a 7 day trial after which it is just $1.99 a month or $14.99 for a year. We believe that is wonderful value for money and a very small price to pay if you want to keep your drive safe at all times. Remember, this app's dual camera feature will only work with the iPhone XS and iPhone 11. If you have anything older than the aforementioned phones, then you are out of luck.

Download DUBL Drive for iPhone [App Store link]

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