Dragon Ball Z Kakarot New Trailer Showcases Cell Saga

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

A new trailer has been released for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, showcasing some previously unseen content.

The new trailer, which can be watched in full below, showcases content taken from the Cell Saga, such as playable Gohan, a driving mini-game and much more.

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Fans both new and old will be able to relive the full Cell Saga, from the arrival of the Androids on earth, to the Cell Games, including all of the jaw-dropping and high-octane battles in-between, playing as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and more.

DBZ Kakarot is setting out to be an extremely good action role-playing game. We had the chance to try the game out during E3 2019, and we have been left impressed by the level of care that is being put into development.

I wasn’t expecting much of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, but the E3 2019 demo definitely left me impressed. It can get a big mashy in battle, and some exploration mechanics could use a little tweaking, but there’s no denying that any Dragon Ball Z fan will enjoy the game, as the presentation is top-notch and the gameplay fun, albeit not particularly original.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot launches in early 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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