Download tvOS 11.4.1 for Apple TV Right Now [Direct IPSW Link]

Download tvOS 11.4.1

The final version has been released and you can now download tvOS 11.4.1 for Apple TV right now. Here's how you can do it.

Download tvOS 11.4.1 Today for Your Apple TV - Includes Bug Fixes and Under the Hood Enhancements

If there's any 'room service' update for an Apple TV, it's safe to say that tvOS 11.4.1 is one. It brings nothing new at all to the table, but focuses on squashing bugs and keeping things nice and smooth when it comes to everyday usage.

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Needless to say that this is an important update for everyone if you rely on your Apple TV a lot for consuming content. The update is available for both the Apple TV 4 and the Apple TV 4K. But for the older model, you have the option of downloading the entire IPSW file of the firmware and even perform a clean install using iTunes if you like thanks to its built-in USB-C port, something which is not present in the 4K model, therefore you are completely reliant on over the air updates.

In order to update your Apple TV right now over the air, first of all turn on your device. Once you have, navigate to Settings > System > Software Update. Download and install the available update from here. It won't take that long, and thanks to the powerful internals of both Apple TV models, everything will happen right in a snap.

Though I will not recommend taking the clean install route, but if you really have to for some reason, then you may grab the IPSW firmware file from the link below. You will need a USB-C cable to hook up the Apple TV 4 with your PC or Mac after which it will appear like a regular iOS device in iTunes. Click on Restore Apple TV while holding down the left Shift key (Windows) or the left Option key (Mac) and select the tvOS 11.4.1 firmware file which you have downloaded from the link below. If you click on 'Restore iPhone' without holding down any button, then you can clean install tvOS 11.4.1 still, but the entire IPSW will be downloaded by iTunes itself.

If you like, you may downgrade tvOS 11.4.1 back to tvOS 11.4. Just download the IPSW file from here, and follow the 'Restore Apple TV' part written above along with the Shift or Option key combinations. But remember one thing: downgrades are only possible as long as Apple is signing the firmware.

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