How To Get Classic Start Menu Back In Windows 10

The Start Menu made a dramatic comeback in Windows 10 after countless users cried foul on its removal with the release of Windows 8 / 8.1. But the Windows 10 Start Menu is somewhat of a compromise, and not really what users expected it to be, or wanted, in some cases. Still, Microsoft delivered on its promise and we're not entirely happy with the job that they have done, and a new app called Start10 from Stardock aims to fix Microsoft's wrongdoing by bringing back the classic Start Menu from the days of Windows 7.


Start10 truly brings back the classic Start Menu to Windows 10 with the same functionality found in Windows 7, while retaining the aesthetics of Microsoft's latest desktop OS. You get the search functionality back with Start10, and apart from that, get a lot of customizability options, so you can tailor the newfound Start Menu according to your own liking.

Start10 is so light on resources that it only requires you to be running Windows 10, regardless of the hardware you might be boasting, therefore all users are well covered, and can rest assured that they'll be able to reap the benefits of Start10.


Since Start10 is packed to the rafters with features, therefore it comes with a price tag, though there is a 30-day trial available to those who wish to give it a whirl before parting with their hard earned cash. The full version of Start10 is priced at $4.99, with the price going all the way up to $49.99 if you're planning to go for the Object Desktop version, which is packed with a great bunch of tools and customizing options.

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We really wished Microsoft had brought back the 'real' Start Menu to Windows 10, instead of bringing the look and feel of it while at the same time packing it with Modern UI tiles. Or, at least, Microsoft could've thrown in an option of reverting back to the classic Start Menu if the current one doesn't feed your frenzy. Whatever the case may be, the current Start Menu is here to stay, and if you want to slap it away and bring back the classic option back, then you have Start10 to fulfill your needs. Though it comes attached with a small price tag of $4.99 for a lifetime of free updates and whatnot, we strongly believe that it's a worthwhile investment if you want to blend in the old with the new.

You can find out more details regarding Start10 by going to this link.

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