Google Sends Yet Another Update to Play Store [Download APK]

Rafia Shaikh

Google doesn't seem to be taking a break when it comes to Play Store bugs, fixes, and performance improvements. After releasing Google Play Store version 8.2.38 and then 8.2.40 just before the weekend, the company has now released Play Store version 8.2.55, which appears to be a significant update. However, after releasing multiple minor updates to the Play Store, version 8.2.55 may appear to be a big update, it doesn't seem to be bringing anything major, at least visually. We are still looking to see if there is actually something visually interesting. Link to download Play Store version 8.2.55 has been shared below. Don't forget to share with us if you do find anything good inside this latest update.

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Download Play Store APK 8.2.55

Google’s latest Play Store APK is now out just a day after the release of the last version. This is quite unusual and makes us believe if this latest build is here to fix some critical bugs or security issue. But as always, since we don't have any official information available, we can't know if any security issue was indeed fixed with Play Store version 8.2.55.

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Whatever the case may be, we always recommend our readers to keep their Google Play Store updated to the latest version to be sure that you are taking advantage of all the new changes, bug fixes, and framework improvements – not to forget important security updates that Google silently sends out to the Play Store.

Google recently did send a considerably major update to Play Store, introducing bottom navigation bars, among other user interface changes. While it is recommended to wait for the official updates instead of installing APK files from the web, if you are comfortable with the process, here is the link to the latest version.

Download the above file and install it like any other APK and you will continue to receive updates from Google like you did before this installation.

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