Download All These Paid iOS Apps Free Today – Direct Links Included


The weekend has finally embraced us and we're back with a bunch of great iOS apps and games that you can download for free, which would otherwise set you back a few dollars. So come dive right in and check out what's on offer this weekend.

App Store

Buried Town ($0.99 Regular)


The Halloween has come and gone but the Halloween 'effect' is going to stay with us for a while, and if you're one of those who are still living the Halloween moment, then we highly recommend that you give Buried Town a shot, which is a wonderful survival game like no other.

You can download the game from this link.

Labyrinth ($4.99 Regular)


A classic game remade for modern mobile devices, Labyrinth is hours of fun once you get the hang of it. Retailing for a price of $4.99 on a regular day, we suggest that you snap this one up especially if you're a huge fan or haven't been acquainted with Labyrinth at all.

You can download the game from this link.

EDGE Extended ($2.99 Regular)


The aim of the game is simple: "Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe." Sounds good? If yes, then download it right away and start rolling!

You can download the game from this link.

Air Tycoon 2 HD ($0.99 Regular)


If you ever wanted to manage an airport / airline company of your own, and that too from the comfort of your iPad, then Air Tycoon 2 HD is a must-have download.

You can download the game from this link.

Clips Video Editor ($4.99 Regular)


While there are many different video editors out there on the App Store, but there are very few which are extremely simple to use, and Clips Video Editor happens to be one of them. It has an extremely noob-proof interface which is dead simple to use, ensuring that you zip through editing those video clips on the fly.

You can download the app from this link.

The above mentioned apps and games are available for free to download for an extremely limited time period of time, hence we recommend that you make your move right away if you want to benefit from these offers. Lastly, it's worth mentioning here that the above listed offers might not be available in every region, so don't panic if you see a price tag attached with the titles.

Which app or game is your favorite from the list posted above?