Download Paid iOS Apps for Free: Rayman Classic, Feelca Tungsten & More


We are bringing 5 wonderful paid iOS apps to you which you can download for free today. The list includes great titles such as Feelca Tungsten, Rogue Star, Rayman Classic, Onion Browser and more.

Pick Up Your iPhone or iPad and Start Downloading Some Wonderful iOS Apps for Free Today

Every week, we dig through a sea of apps and hunt down the best of the best which you can download right away. But that's not all - these apps carry a price tag on a regular day, and have gone free for an extremely limited period of time too. So without further ado, let's dive right in and get to the downloading part.

Rogue Star - Regular price $2.99

Fast-paced ship to ship combat against filthy, cheating pilots, who’ll stop at nothing to blow you to pieces and grab your hard earned cargo!

BID at station auctions for valuable cargo and choose where to offload it. Do you risk high rewards at volatile sectors or chicken out and take the safer route?

Sneaky pirates patrol the space lanes. Will you be lucky this trip and have a clear run? Or will you encounter the journey from hell’s pants and be blasted to smithereens!

Upgrade your ship to delve deeper into the sector and reap the rewards of higher bounties and trading opportunities. Be careful though, only expert pilots can stand the heat!

Download Rogue Star for iOS

Feelca Tungsten - Regular price $0.99

Feelca Tungsten adds more sense of the depths to your photos. Select between a 24 or 36 exposure film and then take a picture to gain the photo qualities of a film camera.

The app also delivers the full experience of using a film camera from shooting pictures to printing photos. Your films are organized and you can add short titles or captions to your polaroid-like photos for easy sharing with your friends.

Download Feelca Tungsten for iOS

Onion Browser - Regular price $0.99

Onion Browser is the original Tor-powered web browser that helps you bypass censorship and access the internet with more privacy.

Download Onion Browser for iOS

Junk Jack Retro - Regular price $2.99

To celebrate Junk Jack release for desktop (Mac/Windows/Linux) on Steam platform we decided to make Junk Jack Retro free for one week (starting on December 2nd) for the first time in its release history! Grab it while you can!

Download Junk Jack Retro for iOS

Rayman Classic - Regular price $4.99

Embark on epic adventures with Rayman in one of the most influent platform game of all times and relive the experience of playing the original version of the 1995 hit.

Download Rayman Classic for iOS

That's it for our list of apps today. Tune in next week for more.