Download: iOS 11.2 Beta 2 is Now Available for iPhone X


This just in - Apple has released iOS 11.2 Beta 2 for registered developers. The update is available for iPhone X users.

iOS 11.2 Beta 2 Download is Now Available for iPhone X Users.

The initial iOS 11.2 Beta was meant for every supported device there is from Apple except one - the iPhone X. Now though, the company has updated its developer portal and has included the device on the roster. This means that if you have managed to pick yourself an iPhone X, then you are eligible to test out iOS 11.2 Beta on it.

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If you are brand new to the world of beta software, then you should know that in order to sign up, you will be parting ways with $99 on an annual basis. Once that is through, simply sign in with your credentials, register your device with Apple and you are good to go.

There are two routes you can take in order to install iOS 11.2 onto your device. Either you can do a clean restore using iTunes, which is a huge pain, if you are asking me. Or, you can just downloading the iOS beta software profile, and the update will be pushed to you over the air. I suggest going for the second route since it's far more easier to go through and does not involve connecting Lightning cables with a PC or Mac at all. It's simple and gets the job done.

Be warned though: beta software can prove to be very, very buggy in a lot of cases. Though iOS 11.2 is pretty stable as is, but you never know when you might hit a roadblock. If you already understand these precautions, then you may go ahead without second thought.

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