Vine Successor Byte is Now Available for iPhone and Android, Short-Form Videos are Back!

Byte for iPhone

After an extremely long wait, Vine's successor Byte is now available for iPhone and Android, allowing users to create fun six-second long looping videos.

Download Byte for iPhone and Android Today and Dive into the World of Short-Form Entertaining Videos

Three years back, Twitter dropped the bombshell news on fans that it would be shutting down Vine. Turning into Vine Camera before being wiped off the face of earth, the co-creator of the service - Dom Hofmann - has been working on a similar service since 2015. With many, many updates and floating around as a beta for quite some time, the service is now live for both iPhone and Android in its full, final capacity.

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Just like Vine, Bytes focuses on short-form videos that are six seconds long. But wait, they loop just like Vine so you can get really creative with the content you are potentially going to create. Essentially, this app screams nostalgia and the developer is not shy to admit it in the description in both App Store and Google Play either.

Download Byte for iPhone and Android right now

You can either shoot videos straight from the built-in camera app, or import stuff from the camera roll if you like and then piece together everything that could end up being a viral hit. You can explore what's being created by fellow Byte users and there are going to be handpicked selection of content which you can view as well. You can 'Rebyte' content which you like, so you can share your favorite videos with your followers as well.

The biggest thing that will set Byte apart from Vine is the fact that the developers are working on a proper content monetization system. The app will eventually serve up ads as well, something will ultimately benefit those who saw Vine as a completely missed opportunity. But things will kick off with a pilot program for content monetization, and once that works out properly with creators, then you can expect the service into a serious player compared to the likes of TikTok, which is currently its biggest competitor too.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android and I highly recommend taking it for a spin right now. Even at launch there are some slick videos you can check out. If you are an iPhone user, you even have the option to sign into Byte using the Sign in with Apple option, select a username and then jump straight into action.

What are you waiting for? Hit the links below and continue from where Vine left of, and that too for free!

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Download Byte for iPhone from App Store
Download Byte for Android from Google Play

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