Doom Eternal Sales Top Steam Charts, Selling Over 700K Copies in Its Launch Week; PS4/XO Sales Estimated Between 250K-400K


Doom Eternal is topping the Steam sales charts with over 700K copies sold in its launch week, according to game tracking website Playtracker.

Bethesda’s latest Doom installment launched on March has reportedly been the best-selling Steam title of 2020 to date.  At the moment of writing, the shooter is estimated to over approximately 726K players, 640K of those being active players. While the number of concurrent players has dropped since the game’s launch on March 20, Doom Eternal’s popularity is still appears to be on the rise. According to Playtracker’s own metric, “popularity is calculated from values like total owners, active owners, concurrent players, and more. An active owner is valued much higher than an inactive owner in "Popularity" calculation.

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When it comes to console sales data, Playtracker estimates that Doom Eternal has sold between 250K to 400K units on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making PC the dominant platform by far.

Doom Eternal is available globally now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. The game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. In case you’re still deciding whether you should get this latest Doom installment, be sure to read our very own review from Chris Wray. We’ve included a part of his review down below:

Let's answer the question right away. YES. Doom Eternal can and will satiate any Doom-like desires you may have. Much like the Doom rebirth in 2016, this is a fast-paced, action-heavy shooter that has that incredibly addictive quality of being relentlessly in your face. If you're playing Doom, you're slaughtering hordes of demons using a wide range of devastatingly entertaining weapons. Even better is that the demons that are terrorising the world are petrified of you.