DOOM Eternal Won’t Feature Classic Deathmatch Mode So To Not Impede “Player Engagement”

Francesco De Meo
DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal will not feature one of the staples of the FPS genre, the classic Deathmatch mode, as it would get in the way of player engagement.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, id Software's Hugo Martin confirmed that DOOM Eternal will lack a classic Deathmatch mode as it would get in the way of player engagement, which is, as stated by the developer himself, the primary goal of the game.

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Speaking specifically about a straight-on Deathmatch mode, Hugo Martin stated that DOOM Eternal's features and combat design will give the game a deep experience, which was not there in 2016's DOOM, as in its multiplayer modes, you had to be good to win. Those that couldn't improve their skills would get frustrated, and thus would abandon the multiplayer mode.

So if we come up on each other [in a Doom 2016 multiplayer match] and all the game is relying on from a design perspective is aiming and shooting, well there are going to be people who aim and shoot better than you and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about that. That made death a frustrating experience because it meant you were just better than me. In this game, I can overcome your incredible twitch skills with teamwork and strategy, which gives me a chance. Then it allows the game to have what 2016 had none of: metas. There’s some real depth to this experience.

While this approach may be an issue for the multiplayer modes, it is definitely good for the DOOM Eternal single-player, as added depth will give players something to master.

We wanted to make sure the level design and the combat really gave you something to have to master. You master and conquer the levels just as much as you conquer the combat and encounters. And that’s what feels really empowering to the player, something that is earned. It’s very easy for us to make it, ‘Here’s a super powerful gun and some hallways; just walk down them and slaughter everything.’ That’s not a $60 game in my opinion. So I think engagement was our overriding theme for this game.

DOOM Eternal launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 22nd.

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