The Division New Gameplay Videos Showcase Action Packed Manhunt And More


This past weekend players all over the world have been able to try out The Division, the soon to be released new third person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Massive, thanks to the open beta, which has been held on all platforms. Plenty of footage taken during the beta has emerged online in the past few days, and more has come in today.

The Division

Today's new The Division gameplay videos showcase many of the game's features,  including an action packed Manhunt. The second video is especially interesting, as it shows a tense 16 minute long Manhunt, with the player's unfortunately being unable to survive until the end. You can check out the three new videos right below.

Yesterday, we reported that players may lose their loot in The Division when moved to another server. This issue, which is quite annoying, is probably getting fixed in the final release of the game. If not, make sure to grab loot as quickly as possible to avoid losing it.

Yesterday it's also been confirmed that The Division beta has been played by 6.4 million players in total, making it the biggest for a new IP on current gen platforms. Players spent around 5 hours on average in the game, with more than one third of time spent in the Dark Zone.

Last week, additional details on The Division future additional content have been shared online. Apparently all future DLC packs will be exclusive to the Xbox One version of the game for 30 days. Another trailer has also been shared last week, showcasing last weekend's open beta.

The Division will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 8th. More details on the final game will surely come in before release, so stay tuned for all the latest news on Ubisoft's upcoming game.