The Division Beta Is Now Live On Xbox One, Customization Features Locked For Now


Tom Clancy's The Division is still somewhat far from release, but this weekend players all over the world will finally be able to get a taste of the game thanks to the beta. Not too long ago, it's been confirmed that the Xbox One beta would be going live before the PlayStation 4 and PC ones and now we can confirm that it's possible to play it on Xbox One in all regions.

According to online reports, The Division is also live for those who have downloaded it from the Singaporean Xbox Store without pre-ordering the game or getting a download code. The customization features, which are one of the more interesting features of The Division, are locked as of now, but more content is surely going to be made available in the next hours.

Before this weekend's beta and the recent closed beta, some have had the chance to try out The Division with the alpha from a few weeks back. Videos from the alpha were shared shortly after its end, but they were promptly removed due to the non disclosure agreement. Now that the NDA is no longer in place, a couple of videos from The Division alpha have surfaced online, showcasing plenty of the gameplay features as well as Revolver and Bolt action gameplay and more.

If you're going to test The Division on PC, you definitely need to get the NVIDIA GeForce Driver 361.75 (WHQL). This driver is optimized for Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Division Beta so both will be running much better.

The Division will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th. The game's beta is now live on Xbox One in all regions. The PlayStation 4 and PC beta will go live tomorrow, January 29th, in all regions.