The Division 1.2 Undocumented Changes Revealed, Includes New Items, New Crafting Mods Costs And More

The Division

The Division has finally received its new free update today, and players can enjoy the many changes and fixes included in it on all formats. As it usually happens, The Division 1.2 update also includes a variety of tweaks and changes that haven't been mentioned in the official patch notes, and it's up to dedicated users to inform the community about them.

A few hours ago, reddit user WoWAltoholic has put together a list of undocumented changes which confirm the addition of over one hundred purple Superior Items to the Dark Zone Gear Vendor, the changed crafting cost for weapon and gear mods and more.


  • 65 "purple" Superior items have been added to the Dark Zone Gear Vendor in the BoO and Dark Zone checkpoint vendors. (Really expensive though)
  • Appearance items now have more logical names denoting their color
  • Historian Named Markman Rifle on sale in the Special Gear Vendor along with 2 pieces (each) of the new gear sets. In addition some pre-rolled holsters are available (you can get 3 pc Predator's Mark instantly if you have the PxC) Side note, all the gear on this vendor was reset as a result.
  • Crafting costs of Weapon mods and gear mods have been returned to pre-1.1 valueslowers to 4/6
  • Weapon mods/gear blueprints from the DZ vendor now require DZ Rank 80 to purchase
  • Advanced Weapony Vendor in the BoO now sells the Centurion M1911 Named Pistol, talents are Provident, Intense and Expert 714k credits 204
  • 204 weapons, not the BPs, in the DZ03 saferoom are also locked behind DZ80
  • HVT Critical areas may not appear if it "spawns" on one of the zones you have not unlocked. It is also prone to bugging out and not appearing after you complete the current critical area. Relogging fixes this.
  • Intel is capped at 99


Unfortunately some of the new features players were expecting to see in the game following the update didn't make it in the 1.2 update. One bug fix promised in an earlier State of the Game stream, however, did make it in the patch

Mentioned on SOTG 25/5/16:

  • Scavenging fixes did not make it in the patch
  • AA-12 Shotgun seen in the trailer did not make it in the patch
  • Sentry Marks bug was fixed
  • #andmanymore was non-gameplay related changes.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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