Discrete Graphics Cards From NVIDIA & AMD Saw Largest Shipments Increase Since Q2 2018


Discrete graphics card shipments from AMD & NVIDIA saw the biggest increase this quarter while integrated GPUs declined.

AMD & NVIDIA Discrete Graphics Card Shipments Saw Biggest Increase In 3 Years Despite Continued Reports of Supply Shortages

According to the latest report from Jon Peddie Research, discrete graphics card shipments for PCs hit an impressive 13 million units figure, marking a 3% growth sequentially and 18% increase from the previous year. At the same time, integrated GPUs saw a decline of 15% compared to last year & only saw a 0.8% sequential increase. This marks the highest shipment figure for discrete graphics cards since Q2 2018 when AIBs were able to ship up to 12.75 Million Units.

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Quick highlights

  • The GPU’s overall attach rate (which includes integrated and discrete GPUs, desktop, notebook, and workstations) to PCs for the quarter was 121%, down -3.8% from last quarter.
  • The overall PC CPU market increased by 3.9% quarter-to-quarter and decreased -by 21% year-to-year.
  • Desktop graphics add-in boards (AIBs that use discrete GPUs) increased by 3.0% from the last quarter.
  • This quarter saw a 22.0% change in tablet shipments from last quarter.

This is still not the historical high of 16.1 Million units of discrete graphics cards that shipped back in Q3 2017 and Q1 2018 but it marks a return to normalcy after shipments declined to their lowest point of just 7.4 million units in Q2 2019. Discrete graphics card shipments have been averaging around 9-10 million units for the last few years but despite the reports of supply shortages, these figures show us that the market is on its path to recovery though the pricing still remains sky-high.

Q4’20 Q3’21 Q4’21
AMD 18% 17% 19%
Nvidia 82% 83% 81%
PC dGPU shipment market shares

As for vendor-specific market share, both NVIDIA and AMD have a GPU market share of 19% while Intel still rocks ahead with its 62% market share thanks to its integrated graphics. If we look at the discrete graphics market share, AMD saw a slight increase to 19% (17% last quarter) while NVIDIA dropped down a bit to 81% (83% last quarter).

Discrete Graphics card shipments for desktop PCs visualized. (Image Credits: Tomshardware)

It is reported that NVIDIA's Ampere currently only accounts for 15% of the gaming userbase according to Steam's Hardware Survey so there's a lot of room for growth when prices fall down. With that said, these figures only cover pre-Alder Lake and Ryzen 6000 notebooks so the first two quarters of 2022 can see more improved GPU sales figures from all vendors.