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Even if you are not looking for a career in programming, it is of utmost importance that you have knowledge about it. The next generations will be highly computer dependent and every kid will have extensive knowledge. So, if you fear becoming an obsolete generation, then you should definitely look into programming. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Complete C# Programming Bundle and this will help you get started.

Complete C# Programming Bundle features

The bundle is a 7 course collection and it will help you create applications and games with C#. All the courses are very extensive and contain everything you need to know. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:

  • Xamarin.Android: A Master Guide To App Development In C#
    Create Your First Android App with This Versatile Dev Platform
  • Xamarin.iOS: A Master Guide To App Development In C#
    Explore the Xamarin Essentials & Create Your First iOS App
  • Make A 2D Flappy Bird Game In Unity
    Learn How to Code in C#, Make 2D Art & Create Your Own Game
  • Learn To Code In C#: Make A Multiplayer Unity Game
    Come to Grips with C#, Unity & Photoshop as You Create Your Own Side-Scrolling Game
  • Code In C# & Design A Full 2D Shooter in Unity
    Kickstart Your Game Dev Education by Building Your First Metroid-Inspired Shooter Game
  • C# Basics: Learn To Code The Right Way
    Go From Coding Newbie to C# Savant as You Break Down Variables, Functions & More
  • C Programming For Beginners
    Demystify This Famously Efficient Language & Learn to Program with Real Code Examples

The bundle has been designed by SkillSuccess. This hub’s goal is to help people learn various skills at their own learning speeds. You can access the courses anywhere including, TV, laptops, tablets, phones etc. Get your deal today and get started right away!

Original Price Complete C# Programming Bundle: $1393
Wcctech Discount Price Complete C# Programming Bundle: $29