How to Disable Bloatware on Galaxy S4 US


Samsung Galaxy S4 has an incredible build with amazing specifications and tons of features. However, for some all these cool features might be bloatware - pre-installed software that eats up phone’s memory and isn't very useful. The AT&T Galaxy S4 has so much of bloatware like no other Samsung device. You can though get rid of bloatware by disabling it. Various apps and other unnecessary software programs can be disabled to save up memory and battery. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 has got enough RAM memory and processing power to handle the stuff but if you want to clean your Galaxy S4 and make it free from all these apps, you can disable them manually.

To disable bloatware on Galaxy S4 follow this path: go to Settings > Apps > All and then simply disable anything you do not want to see. There might be some safe rooting method available soon which uninstalls the bloatware from Samsung Galaxy S4, but till then we can do with this method.disable bloatware on galaxy s4

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