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If you are worried about making your online business successful, then you came to the right place. Wccftech will help you become a pro at your business, and we are offering an amazing discount offer on the Digital Online Sales & Passive Income Certification Bundle. The offer will expire in a few days, so avail it right away.

Digital Online Sales & Passive Income Certification Bundle Features

The bundle is massive, and it contains 13 courses. All the courses have been taught by the entrepreneur Alex Genadinik. Here are highlights of what the Digital Online Sales & Passive Income Certification Bundle has in store for you:

  • 1000% Landing Page Optimization & Sales Funnel Conversion - 2021
    Boost Conversions on Shopify, Amazon eCommerce, Home Page, or Sales Funnels
  • Facebook Ads: Page Monetization with a Shop for Facebook Ads - 2021
    Do Commerce Right on Your Facebook Page & Take Advantage of Facebook Monetization
  • Influencer Marketing: Hire Right Influencers & Track Results - 2021
    Sell Amazon, Shopify, or Other Products or Services & Run Retargeting Ads to Close Sales
  • How to Get Customers to Spend More with Your Business - 2021
    Proven Monetization & Customer Retention Strategies That Boost Lifetime Customer Value for a Bigger Income
  • ClickBank: Recruit Affiliates to Sell Your ClickBank Product - 2021
    Find Affiliate Resellers for Your Products by Recruiting Influencers Using ClickBank
  • Online Review Management: Amazon, Yelp, Apps, Fiverr & More - 2021
    Get Better Reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, Amazon Books & Products, iTunes Podcasts, Mobile Apps, and More
  • 2021 Video Marketing & Advertising Via Effective YouTube Ads
    Create High-Converting YouTube Ads for Video Marketing & Advertising with Scripts That Generate Sales
  • 10 Passive Income Businesses: Earn Passive Income in 2021
    Know the Pros & Cons of the 10 Most Common Passive Income Business Models and Start One
  • Increase Sales: More Handmade, Affiliate & Digital Products - 2021
    Sell Digital Products on Amazon, Etsy, & Similar eCommerce Sites with SEO, Social Media, and Conversion Optimization
  • Flier (Flyer) Marketing Design & Copywriting to Get Clients
    Learn How to Design Fliers That Sell & Do Marketing with Fliers That Get You Clients
  • Business Card Design, Copywriting, & Business Networking - 2021
    Generate Sales & Push Your Brand Towards Success with Business Card Design and Networking Strategies
  • Max-Profit Pricing Strategy & Negotiation to Make Money - 2021
    Ideal Pricing Strategy for B2B Products, Apps, eCommerce, Books, Freelancing Service & More
  • Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Groups - 2021
    Add Facebook as a New Marketing Channel & Revenue Stream to Your Existing Business

Original Price Digital Online Sales & Passive Income Certification Bundle: $2,600
Wccftech Discount Price Digital Online Sales & Passive Income Certification Bundle: $39.99