Digital Dragons Steam Indie Celebration Begins Today With Playable Demos, Livestreams and More

Digital Dragons Steam Indie Celebration begins today, offering players a chance to try out several games, check out livestreams, and more.

Digital Dragons, the leading game industry event in Central Europe, has partnered up with Steam to showcase a selection of great indie games. Alongside special livestreams and developer interviews, players will also be able to check out playable demos for games selected by y Digital Dragons and jury members Robert Purchese (Eurogamer), Brett Makedonski, (Destructoid), Karol Zajączkowski (11bit studios), Jakub Rokosz (Fool’s Theory) and Jakub Wójcik (Indie Games Polska). You can find a list of playable demos that will be available during the celebration below.

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  • Ars Fabulae (Punk Notion, Poland)
  • Bonkies (Studio Gauntlet, Norway)
  • Danger Scavenger (Star Drifters, Piotr Wolk, Poland)
  • ELDERBORN (Hyperstrange, Poland)
  •  Eldest Souls (Fallen Flag Studio, UK / Poland)
  •  First Class Trouble (Invisible Walls, Denmark)
  •  For the People (Brezg Studio, Russia)
  •  For The Warp (Massive Galaxy Studios, Portugal)
  •  Ghostrunner (One More Level, Poland)
  •  Legends of Ethernal (Lucid Dreams Studio, Canada)
  •  Liberated (Atomic Wolf, Poland)
  •  Not For Broadcast (NotGames, UK)
  •  Overloop (George Kobyakov, UK)
  •  PositronX (Scorpius Games, Romania)
  •  Rhythm Fighter (Coconut Island Games / echo games, China)
  •  Röki (Polygon Treehouse, UK / Poland)
  •  Rustler (Jutsu Games, Poland)
  •  Shing! (Mass Creation, Poland)
  •  The Blind Prophet (Ars Goetia, France)
  •  There is No Light (Zelart, Cyprus)
  •  Tower Princess (AweKteaM, Cyprus)
  •  Tunche (LEAP Game Studios, Cyprus)
  •  Uragun (Kool2Play, Poland)
  •  Wanderlust: Transsiberian (Different Tales, Poland)
  •  Wingspan (Monster Couch, Poland)

The Digital Dragon Steam Indie Celebration will run from May 13th until May 15th. Additional information can be found on Steam.

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