Diablo IV to Offer Over 150 Dungeons, New Regions and Locations Showcased

Nathan Birch
Diablo IV

Another season has almost comes to a close, which means its time for another of Blizzard’s quarterly Diablo IV development updates. This is a fairly meaty one, as Blizzard delves into details regarding Diablo IV’s open world and dungeons, with plenty of supporting videos.

Diablo IV will feature a fully open-world version of Sanctuary, that will allow you to seamlessly explore from “coast to coast.” The world will feature five major regions, as well as towns, smaller biomes, ect, and Blizzard has just shown off a number of them off, including the rain-drenched and rocky Scosglen Coast…

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…the crumbling Orbei Monastery, which is located within the dusty Dry Steppes...

…and finally, the dark and sketchy town of Kyovashad, located within the snowy Fractured Peaks.

As for classic dungeons, Blizzard is promising over 150 of them. In classic Diablo fashion, dungeons will be randomized and Blizzard has shared some of the tilesets they’ll be constructing them from. First up, we have the Forgotten Places tileset, which lets players delve into a particularly dark and corrupted place…

…the Wretched Caves set, which is exactly what it sounds like…

…and finally, Flooded Depths set, which takes you to a world of water and rotting wood.

Blizzard is certainly keeping true to their “return to darkness” visual style – those are some deep, dank dungeons! Here’s hoping Blizzard can provide enough visual variety to keep Sanctuary interesting to explore for the long haul.

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Diablo IV has been only been officially announced for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but it’s also very likely coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5. A release date has yet to be set.

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