Devil May Cry 5 Latest Trailer Showcases Live-Action Cutscene; Director Comments On DMC4 Development Issues

Francesco De Meo
Devil May Cry 5

A new Devil May Cry 5 trailer has been released today, showcasing one of the Deluxe Edition exclusive extras.

The new trailer, which can be watched below, shows the pre-vis live-action cutscenes, which can be activated in-game only by those purchasing the game's Deluxe Edition.

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Watch the most over-the-top cutscenes in gaming... in live action form! Pre-viz live action cutscenes come with the #DMC5 Deluxe Edition:

On a related note, Hideaki Itsuno recently elaborated on the Devil May Cry 4 development and why the team has been forced to reuse Nero's stages for the Dante campaign. As expected, it was due to the budget, which was the same as the one for Devil May Cry 3, but not enough to develop the full game.

You had to traverse back over to the previous levels during the latter half of the game. Well, it turns out the budget was similar to what we had on Devil May Cry 3. Creating the game in the same way (with the first half) would have meant we would have run out of budget, and also we wouldn’t have been able to ship in time.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 8th.

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