Developers Can Now Make Their Apps Available For Pre-Orders On The App Store


Super Mario Run was made available for pre-orders last year and Apple is now making the functionality available for developers. The company has announced that all developers can now make their apps available for pre-orders via the App Store. The announcement was made on Apple's iTunes Connect blog. Previously, developers would simply put their apps on the App Store with no pre-order option available to them. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Apple Allows Developers To Put Their Apps For Pre-Orders On The App Store

As we have mentioned earlier, Super Mario Run was the first app ever that offered pre-orders. However, there are some aspects that developers should take note of. For instance, the release date should not be more than 90 days and no sooner than two days in the future. Henceforth, existing applications on the App Store cannot make use of the pre-order availability and only new apps are authorized. More details are pinpointed in the iTunes Connect blog:

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  1. From the homepage, click My Apps, select the app, and select Pricing and Availability in the left column. You’ll see the Pre-Orders section if your app has never been published on the App Store.
  2. Select Make available for pre-order, choose a date to release your app for download, then click Save in the upper-right corner. The release date must be at least two days in the future, but no more than 90 days in the future. Submit your app for review.
  3. Once your app is approved and you’re ready to make it available for pre-order, return to Pricing and Availability, confirm the date your app will be released for download, and click Release as Pre-Order in the upper-right corner.

So what is the purpose of allowing developers to make their apps available for pre-orders? To begin with, it would be beneficial for the developer to market the app before it officially goes live. Moreover, it would gauge user interest through which developers can anticipate demand. Altogether, it would be beneficial for the developer in many ways.

Furthermore, Apple's announcement on iTunes Connect blog also details new features for Sales and Trends. There are other features available as well, so do check them out. Developers can head to the iTunes Connect for more details on app pre-orders.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple allowing developers to offer their apps upcoming apps for pre-orders. Share your views with us in the comments.