Details on New Nintendo Switch Models Reportedly Surface; Switch ‘Pro’ Tegra X2 Version Seems Unlikely

Jul 12, 2019

Hacker and dataminer Mike Heskin has reportedly revealed some interesting details on the new Nintendo Switch models that are on their way.

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally announced the Switch Lite earlier this week, and as we already reported, it seems that the Japanese gaming behemoth is also quietly updating the original Switch model.

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As posted by Heskin on Twitter, references to the new ‘Lite’ and ‘New’ Switch have existed in the Switch firmware since last year’s system version 5.0. While the ‘original’ Switch hardware has support for 4GB RAM (and 6GB for its Dev kit), the new Switch models allegedly support both 4GB and 8GB of memory, with the new models supporting LPDDR4X DRAM which should offer a small boost in battery life.

Heskin also writes that the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the ‘New’ Switch model is clocked higher than the Switch Lite which might result in a small performance boost for the ‘New’ Switch models.

While the current Switch models only supports 32GB of internal memory, the ‘New’ Switch models also might offer more internal storage.

We already said it earlier, but there appears to be no evidence that Nintendo intends to launch a Switch ‘Pro’ model based of NVIDIA’s more powerful Tegra X2 SoC with substantial memory and performance improvements.

Nintendo will release the Switch Lite later this year on September 20.

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