Details for HTC’s upcoming smartphone, Endeavor, leaked

Ammar Malik

MWC is less than a month away and some juicy details of HTCs soon to be announced superphone have been potentially leaked. The phone in question obviously runs Android and is called Endeavor. Usually I'd say that's a code name but with HTC's history of names I think this is the official name. Now onto some technical details.

The phone will come preinstalled with Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a relief. Naturally it will have a 720p display measuring 4.7". An 8MP camera with 1080p video and front facing 1.3MP camera also included. 1GB of RAM also comes as standard. The CPU tasks will be handled by a Tegra 3 processor, which makes Endeavor the first quad core smartphone from HTC. It will also be the first from HTC running Sense 4.0, which is a version of Sense modified for Ice Cream Sandwich. If this phone is indeed in the works, the Mobile World Conference would probably be the most likely place we'll hear about it.

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