Destiny 2 Survival PVP Mode Revealed Alongside New Map; Limited Lives, Permanent Death & Coordinated Team Tactics


The Destiny 2 Survival PVP mode has been revealed alongside a new map as part of IGN’s exclusive IGN First feature.

Core elements of the Crucible Survival PVP mode are a limited number of lives, coordinated team tactics, and permanent death. Teams are granted a finite number of lives that are shared between the players, and the mode pushes players to stay alive for as long as possible. A video showcasing the PVP mode can be watched below (courtesy of IGN):

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The video shows off the all-new Altar of Flame map – a medium-sized map on Mercury. Down below you’ll find IGN’s short description of the map:

The heavy ammunition drop is located in the middle of the map and will force players to meet, should they want to prevent their enemy from gaining the upper hand via sniper rifle rounds. It's hard not to think of Destiny 1's Lighthouse when you're there, as the map's design has elements of the much sought-after Destiny 1 location. I love the fact that with many maps we've seen, there are cases to be made for each weapon type. Destiny 1 struggled with a reliance on the current meta being selected for each scenario and that trend seems to be changing, which give me hope that we're going to see unique loadouts in each PVP encounter. Time will tell.

Destiny 2 is scheduled for a release on consoles on September 6, while the PC version will release one month later on October 24. The game was officially announced back in March of this year.

“Destiny was the biggest launch of a new console video game franchise ever. Along with our incredibly talented partners at Bungie, we are focusing on making Destiny 2 even better, with state of the art first person action, an awesome new story, great characters, and thoughtful innovations that make the game more accessible to all different kinds of players," said Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg upon the game's announcement.  “We're also bringing Destiny 2 to the PC platform for the first time.  Destiny 2 will make an already great game franchise better than ever.”