Destiny 2 Eververse Store Is Getting Overhauled

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is getting its cosmetic-only Everse store overhauled ahead of the release of the Shadowkeep expansion.

The biggest changes are a consequence of the Armor 2.0 system coming with the new expansion, which will force all Eververse armor to convert to a new system called universal ornaments.

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It stinks to go to the Eververse store and see an item that looks cool and then seeing that the item has bad perks on it. In fact, when we’re setting up the armor, we’d twist ourselves up in knots to make sure the Eververse armor sets didn’t have good perks. We did this because we want the best way to get sweet perks on your armor to be by playing the game, not shopping for enhanced Hand Cannon loaders at Tess. The root cause (dating all the way back to Destiny 1) is that Eververse armor has always had perks/gameplay capability as a part of the package.

We’re done with that. As of this September, all Eververse armor is being converted into Universal Ornaments. These Universal Ornaments can be applied to all of the Legendary armor sets we’re releasing this Fall. They override the look of your equipped gear while preserving the perks, mods, and stats of the original item.

Any Eververse Armor you have acquired in your Collections will have its Universal Ornaments automatically unlocked for use on new Legendary armor. For example, if the song in your heart is to have your Titan roll with the 2018 Tin Man-esque Festival of the Lost Helmet, you can put it on any of the new Legendary armor coming to the game this fall.

Changes are also coming to Bright Dust.

Evolving Bright Dust

Historically, the best way to earn Bright Dust in Destiny 2 has been to buy a bunch of Bright Engrams, shard everything from the engrams, build a giant bankroll of Bright Dust and then spend it when the Warlock Dire Ahamkara helmet shows up the Bright Dust row in the last week of the season. We’re going to change this.

This Fall we’re changing Bright Dust from a pay- and/or play-to-earn currency to a play-to-earn reward. We’re adding Bright Dust as a reward for completing Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit bounties. We want all players to earn Dust for playing, not for spending money and destroying a bunch of items in their inventory. After you complete all your bounties for the week, there will be an additional avenue to keep grinding out Bright Dust.

It’s also been pretty uncool to go to the Collection screen and spend Bright Dust to get shaders or Ghost Shells or whatever. We’re going to fix that too. Beginning September 17, Eververse items in your Collections will cost Glimmer and Legendary Shards. If you want to keep pulling out that Exotic Sparrow that looks like a motorcycle until you get the good Sparrow perk (Instant Summon), you can do that with Legendary Shards and Glimmer.

Destiny 2 is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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