Dell’s New XPS 15 Finally Goes on Sale With Shipments to Start Very Soon


Dell had accidentally leaked the hardware specifications of its updated XPS 15 notebook earlier, but that didn't mean that we knew the full extent of the hardware present inside the machine or the price tag for that matter. Now, all details of the latest notebook have been revealed and to bring you up to speed, it is not going to come cheap, but we’re assuming that you probably figured that out.

Current XPS 15 Notebooks Are Armed With i7 Chips and UHD Resolutions With a Premium Price Attached

According to the hardware specifications (via Windows Central), the Dell XPS 15 is expected to be launched in several models down the road, but for now, we only have two variants running the same Core i7-7700HQ processors. These two variants can either be purchased in a 1080p resolution model or 4K version, with the 4K one obviously carrying a higher price tag. Previous leaks suggest that the XPS 15 is also going to be rolled out in the Core i3 and Core i5 processor versions, so we’ll be waiting for those when Dell makes the announcement.

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Coming to the price of these notebooks, for a mammoth $2,249 you can get a Core i7, GTX 1050, 1TB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and a 4K display, which is definitely a mouthful. It has not been detailed if we’ll be seeing a GTX 1050 Ti version down the road but let's keep our fingers crossed for that. For the price of $1,749, you will get a 512GB SSD coupled with a 1080p display, which sounds like a better purchase in our opinion. Hopefully, we will get to a see Thunderbolt 3 port, making the machine compatible with eGPU enclosures and granting users a desktop gaming alternative.

According to Dell these devices should ship within 16-20 days, but dates could be extended due to production issues. Do you think that the XPS 15 refresh featuring Intel’s Kaby Lake processor lineup are a worthy purchase? Let us know your thoughts right away.