Dell Launches Stunning New OptiPlex Series of AIO PCs With Intel 10th Gen CPUs And NVIDIA GPUs

Dell has announced its updated OptiPlex Desktop series featuring both All-in-one desktop configurations, standard tower configurations, and even micro-tower configurations. The OptiPlex All-in-One Series features a screen size ranging from 27" to just 22" while still utilizing high-end components. Both the OptiPlex All-in-One and the tower configurations make use of Intel's 10th generation processors while supporting up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory.

Dell Announces Updated OptiPlex Series of All In One Desktop PCs, Feature Intel's 10th Generation CPUs and NVIDIA's graphics

The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is the world's most compatible, fully modular desktop solution which allows the desktop to feature a zero footprint. The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra also features swappable elements that enable this desktop solution to offer enhanced flexibility.

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OptiPlex 7780 All-in-One Desktop
  • The OptiPlex All-in-One Series
    • OptiPlex 7780 All-in-One Desktop
      • This OptiPlex 7780 All-in-One Desktop is expected to be available on May 28th, 2020, and the pricing will be $2,070.
    • OptiPlex 7480 All-in-One Desktop
    • OptiPlex 5480 All-in-One Desktop
    • OptiPlex 3280 All-in-One Desktop
Dell Optiplex 7000 Series (Model 7080) micro form factor desktop computer, codename Rhino MFF.
  • The OptiPlex Tower Series
    • OptiPlex 7080 Tower, Small Form Factor, and Micro
      • The OptiPlex Micro Desktop System is expected to be available on May 28th, 2020 and the pricing will be $1,284.29
      • This series of desktops can come installed with up Intel's Core i9 processors, which have TDP of 125-watts.
    • OptiPlex 5080 Tower, Small Form Factor, and Micro
      • The OptiPlex 5080 Series can be installed with Intel's 10th generation processors, and this series features support for up to the Core i7 processor.
    • OptiPlex 3080 Tower, Small Form Factor, and Micro
      • The OptiPlex 3080 desktop series can be installed with Intel's 10th generation processor, and this series features support for certain processors depending on the TDP (Thermal Design Power).
      • On the Micro formatted system can support a processor with a TDP of up to 35-watts, while the tower and small form factor system can support processors with a TDP of up to 64-watts.
    • OptiPlex XE3 Tower and Small Form Factor
      • This desktop is significantly different, being designed to be industrial-grade, which features an ultralong lifecycle and extensive expandability options.

The OptiPlex All-in-One Series can feature a monitor ranging from 27" to 22", and can either come in a non-touch or touch option. All of these desktops also feature an ergonomic stand, which allows users to alter the position of your screen easily and efficiently easily. The ergonomic stand alongside the varying screen sizes makes these desktops perfect for virtually any work environment where desk space is at a premium.

All of these desktops, both the OptiPlex series as well as the OptiPlex All-in-One Series, makes use of AI-powered Dell Optimizer ExpressResponse. This software allows your system will learn and adapt to how you work to optimize the performance of the user's top five applications.

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