Adjourn Opening Links For Later With This New Jailbreak Tweak

Some users tend to receive a lot of links for referencing and other professional tasks. The thing is, sometimes they do not have enough leisure time to ponder over the received links and you tend to let it go for another time, forgetting who sent it you in the first place and where will you find it again. Well, if you are a victim of this problematic situation then there is a new jailbreak tweak that would aid in the collection of links that can be found and viewed easily.


LinkCollector is a new jailbreak tweak that accumulates multiple links and defers it for later viewing all at once. So instead of viewing links as they arrive, you can simply delay and open them at your ease. LinkCollector does not solely collect received links but also collects them from other sources such as Safari. More on this will be detailed later on.

Defer Links For Later With LinkCollector

When you are reading a blog, article or even tweets which happens to have a lot of links like Wikipedia and Twitter, the cumbersome situation to view all of them becomes a burden. This is where LinkCollector does its job by saving links in one place. The mechanics of LinkCollector is fairly simple as it collects the link from a specific source and displays a notification banner saying that a link has been added to the collection.


For instance, if you are reading an article on Safari, LinkCollector will notify you about the link and the rest depends on your preference if you want to view it immediately or wait for another time. If you want to open it as soon as it is collected, just tap the notification banner and it will take you directly to the collected link. If you wish to save the link for a later time, let the notification banner time out and open them when you visit Safari again.


Once LinkCollector collects links, a blue bar will be displayed on the Safari app, indicating that links are available for viewing. The number of amassed links are also shown in the status bar. When you tap the status bar in the Safari app, all of the collected links will be displayed with separate tabs. LinkCollector is a productivity app that enables you to manage your links in a separate column for later viewing. It can be used domestically as well as professionally.

If you want to manage LinkCollector for its affiliation with other apps, you can limit it in its preference pane in Settings. The tweak is available in Cydia's BigBoss repo for $1.49.

In our opinion, LinkCollector is a very useful app for those users who tend to be acquainted with a lot of links for several purposes. We would recommend users to give this tweak a try and share your views in the comments.

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