Deathloop Runs Better on Xbox Series X than the PS5, Series S has been Treated Well

Sep 21, 2022 12:06 PM EDT

After a year of console exclusivity on the PS5, Deathloop has arrived on the Xbox Series X/S, so how does this Microsoft-owned IP run on the company’s own consoles? According to a performance analysis from IGN, Xbox Series X owners who have waited their turn are indeed getting the superior version of the game, and even the Xbox Series S has been treated well. You can check out the full analysis yourself, provided you have around 15 minutes to spare.

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Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Deathloop offer up the exact same visual modes -- Performance (dynamic 4K, 60fps), Visual Quality (dynamic 4K, 60fps), Ray Tracing (dynamic 4K, 30fps, ray tracing),  and Ultra Performance (locked 1080p, 120fps, and VRR). In modes with dynamic 4K, the resolution can drop to around 1800p on both systems, but not much below. There is also an issue where proper sharpening filters haven’t been applied in Ray Tracing mode on PS5, making it’s dynamic image look ever-so-slightly blurrier than on XSX. That said, overall, image quality is largely identical on the PS5 and XSX.

So, how about performance? Well, Ray Tracing and Performance modes are basically a match, with both PS5 and Xbox Series X delivering a solid 30fps in the first mode and 60fps in the latter. That said, XSX has the advantage in Quality Mode, where it often pulls ahead of PS5 by 5 to 15fps. This advantage is even greater in the 120fps Ultra Performance mode, where the Xbox Series X can sometimes lead by as much as 30fps. That said, Xbox Series X isn’t perfect in either mode, dropping into the high 40s in Quality Mode and the 100fps range in Ultra Performance mode itself.

As for the Xbox Series S, the news is refreshingly good compared to a lot of other recent releases, which often seem to neglect Microsoft’s less capable console. The Series S only gets Quality and Performance modes, but both run consistently at 60fps, with Quality only dropping 1 or 2 frames at most.

Deathloop is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

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