Death Of Underage Worker Of Apple’s Supplier Sparks Controversy – Pegatron

It's been some time since news regarding the working conditions of Apple's major suppliers has reached us. Foxconn, a supplier of Apple has been continuously maimed because of the inhumane conditions the laborers work in. Pegatron another of Apple's supplier is in hot water. An underage worker has recently died at a Pegatron factory.

Apple's Supplier Accused Of Labor Violations

The laborer "Shi zhaokun" worked at the factory by using a fake id, according to a report he worked more than 75 hours per week which is more than the 60 hour limit per week set by Chinese law.

"Apple’s supplier responsibility statement bars employees of supplier companies in China from working more than 60 hours a week; so does Chinese law. But Mr. Shi worked 79 hours in his first week, 77 in his second and 75 in his third, all apparently in violation of the law, according to documents provided by his family.

Pegatron said that the work logs the family kept are records of when the young man clocked in and out, and may not include breaks. The company said his hours did not exceed the legal limit."

According to a Pegatron spokesperson, the death was not workplace related. Apple has not released a statement on this issue. Although Apple started the efforts to form a "Supplier responsibility program", news related to disagreeable workplace conditions are not very uncommon. This is indeed sad news.


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