Days Gone Getting New Game+ Mode, Extra Difficulty Settings, and Trophies Next Week


Have you been considering a second playthrough of Days Gone? Well, you might want to wait a few days, because Sony and developer SIE Bend Studio have announced a New Game+ mode will drop next week. In addition to that, two new difficulty options, Hard II and Survival II, will be added, along with a collection of new Trophies for the ultra hardcore.

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Here’s a few more details about the new features coming to Days Gone:

Players can now re-experience the epic journey through Days Gone, this time with the advantage of previously earned weapons, bike upgrades, NERO boosters, skills, recipes, encampment trust and credits, collectibles, and trophy progress unlocked from the beginning.

New Game Plus can be started from any save game where the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline has been completed. You can play NG+ on any difficulty level; Easy, Normal, Hard, Survival, or try it in one of our two new difficulty modes: Hard II and Survival II, regardless of the previous difficulty mode. These new difficulty modes are not specific to NG+ and can be experienced by brand-new players as well.

Perks from patches earned in challenges continue to carry over to the main game, but now they can be used in NG+ and all difficulty modes. So if you haven’t started any of the Challenge modes yet, I highly recommend going for gold in each challenge in order to maximize your gameplay perks before NG+ releases. In addition, we have a few new trophies available to earn in NG+, Hard II and Survival II modes. Including one related to a mysterious new weapon from an agent that only operates in the shadows.

Days Gone is available now on PS4. New Game+ mode launches next Friday (September 13). Any Days Gone fans out there? Are you planning to blast some more Freakers?