Days Gone 1.08 Update Introduces Performance Improvements And More

Days Gone PC

A new update is now available for Days Gone, introducing tweaks and fixes that improve the experience.

The 1.08 update, which is live right now in all regions, introduces some gameplay and progression fixes as well as performance and streaming improvements.

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You can find the full Days Gone 1.08 update notes below.

Patch 1.08

Progression Issues

  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn't be able to save, fast travel, or pause after triggering the cinematic to "I've Had Better Days"

  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from completing ”Afraid of a Little Competition?”. Players may need to move as far back to where the Bounty Collector Merchant resides and return to the mission objective to trigger the cinematic

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete “Searching For Lisa”. Players that were impacted will now see the Mission Complete screen

General Fixes

  • Overall improvements have been made to streaming and performance

  • Audio desync issue during cinematics have been resolved

  • Auto-save function will now save the correct number of saves to your save cloud account

    • With this update, we did not delete any of your current auto-saves. You can go into (Settings) > [Application Saved Data Management] > [Auto-Upload] to manage your auto-saves for Days Gone

    • The game should no longer crash when attempting to overwrite the oldest auto-save

  • Patch updates now retain your Difficulty settings

  • Fixed various bugs and miscellaneous crashes

The current plan for our team is to slow down the amount of patches we release but to add more fixes, features, and optimizations with each patch.

We can't thank you guys enough for your support. Please keep sharing fun clips and photo mode screenshots. We will continue to review your feedback in the comment section, and please submit any bugs you encounter in the comment section below.

Days Gone is now available on PlayStation 4 in all regions.

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