The Xiaomi Mi5 Gets Another Potential Launch Date With Latest Teaser Surfacing


The Xiaomi Mi5 is one of those device which has managed to become more of a myth as the days pass by. The next flagship from Xiaomi is being heavily anticipated from a lot of quarters, but as we near the end of 2015 there's no word from Xiaomi about the upcoming device. Well, the company's posted another teaser recently, so maybe, just maybe we won't have to wait that long for the Xiaomi Mi5, even though it sounds highly unlikely at the moment.

Xiaomi Releases Another Teaser Dubbed 'MI Dual 11'; Mi5 Launch Imminent?

When it comes to launches, we all know how hard Xiaomi tries to build before its events. After all, in the mobile world, hype about upcoming devices is one major component of how your device is perceived by the market with nearly every major flagship launch coming with months of hype alongside it. Xiaomi's managed to build quite an interesting aura around the Mi5, most of which is made up of speculation about the device's launch date.

So every time Xiaomi posts a new teaser, we start speculation on whether the Mi5 will finally be launched by the company. The last offering in Xiaomi's Mi flagship smartphone lineup was the Mi4, which was launched by the company way back in 2014, an eternity when we look at the pace at which things get upgraded these days.

Xiaomi-Mi4What makes things even more interesting is the text that comes alongside the teaser. While our Chinese isn't that good, the source of this image claims that we might be getting to see more than one device from Xiaomi this November. The teaser image is titled as Mi Dual 11 and we also get to see a phone that's covered with a curtain, so if you're very optimistic, then Xiaomi might just launch the Mi5 after all in just three days.

But the phone's launch comes once again with the question that what processor will Xiaomi be choosing to equip the Mi5 with? Qualcomm and Samsung should both be out the running by now as we're likely to see their latest offerings in Q1 2016 by the earliest. Could it be a processor from either MediaTek or Huawei? Sounds unlikely to be frank. Its only three days till we get to find out more though, so stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.