Dauntless “Realm of Ice” Update Adds the Chilly New Frost Escalation, Urska Behemoth, More


Don’t look to Dauntless for any relief from the cold, because Epic-Games-published free-to-play action RPG just launched its new very-wintery update, Realm of Ice. This is one the game’s biggest content updates yet, featuring the new Frost Escalation and the intimidating Behemoth, Urska. Of course, there is also a new battle to work through in order to earn various cold-weather gear. You can check out a quick trailer for Dauntless’ Realm of Ice update, below.

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Here’s a rundown of all the new content included in Dauntless update 1.5.3:

  • Frost Escalation - The permafrost has begun to melt, revealing fragments of an ancient past … and awakening something deep within the ice. Battle through Skaldeskar’s frostbitten lands with the aid of its warrior queen, Linnea Silver, and seek out the Urska in a new Escalation. But beware … all travel through Skaldeskar comes with the risk of frostbite: a disabling condition that can freeze a Slayer in their tracks.
  • Urska - Frost Escalation’s keystone Behemoth is the Urska — a nightmare pried from the pages of Skaldish legend. Collect Urska parts in Frost Escalation to forge new legendary weapons and armour. These powerful frost pieces come with a new legendary ability (for weapons) and a new perk (for armour). You can also unlock a full cosmetic variant set through the Frost Escalation talent tree.
  • Realm of Ice Hunt Pass - February 4 also launches a new Hunt Pass: Realm of Ice. Upgrade to Elite to unlock access to two sets of otherworldly armour: the Frost Shaper (level 1) and the Paladin of Vylmark (level 50). Inspired by the iridescent lights of the polar aurora, these pieces will shine in any collection.
  • New Rumours - Talk to Honest Ozz and discover two brand new rumours. Don the heat of the sun itself by unlocking the Searing Dawn helmet skin from “A Vision of Fire.” If the darkness of night is more your style, complete the “Shadow Boxing” rumour for the Thorns of Dusk strikers skin.

You can get the full patch notes for update 1.5.3, right here.

Dauntless is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The free Realm of Ice update can be downloaded now.