Dark Souls Nightfall, Fan-Made Dark Souls Sequel, Has Been Delayed By One Month; Now Releases in January 2022

Aernout van de Velde
dark souls nightfall

Dark Souls Nightfall, the upcoming fan-made sequel to the original Dark Souls, has been delayed by one month for additional polishing.

The project was first slated to release on PC later this month on December 21st, but the team has now announced that it has been delayed to January 21st, 2022. The Nightfall announced the delay through a new development update video.

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Interestingly, back in June of this year, the fan-made sequel was announced to be released exactly one month before the highly-anticipated Elden Ring. With Elden Ring delayed by one month to February 25th, the Nightfall project has now also been delayed by one month.

For those unaware of this exciting upcoming Dark Souls mod, Nightfall will offer a new story, new characters and bosses, a new world map (built mostly from the existing pieces), and much more. It’s basically a brand new Souls game built using the Dark Souls engine and assets. In addition, the fan-made sequel’s combat will be faster-paced, against a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar foes, with brand new voiced NPCs and side-quests. Nightfall also takes many cues from the design of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Dark Souls Nightfall now releases on January 21, 2022 – one month before FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.

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