Dark Souls III Becomes Bandai Namco’s Fastest Selling Game

Mat Growcott
Dark Souls III

Just in case you were wondering how many masochists there are in the world, wonder no longer. The latest entry in the Dark Souls franchise hit shelves just a few days ago, and it's already become the fastest selling game for publisher Bandai Namco.

Dark Souls III also became their biggest day one launch, which also tells us that the masochists out there are desperate to part with their money.

It's not just a case of those that like punishing titles picking up a niche that's been designed for them though. Not only has it got through its first hugely successful week, but the critics seem incredibly impressed as well.

Dark Souls III currently holds a score of 90 for PC on Metacritic, followed by an 89 on PS4 and an 86 on Xbox One. Users are less impressed, but not by much, with each title scoring around 8.5, give or take a point or two.

Although they haven't yet released the exact sales figures, it's interesting to note that it has jumped straight to the top of the charts here in the UK, knocking both Dirt Rally and Quantum Break down to the lower parts of the top five.

Meanwhile, The Division jumped from third to second and EA's UFC2 scored third place from eighth last week.

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