Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – Street Cred and How to Become a Legend of Night City


As you start to play Cyberpunk 2077, you might notice that on top of all the experience you’re gaining and pouring straight into cool points in the hopes that Johnny Silverhands might like you, you’re also gaining street cred. This secondary leveling system might not gain you any additional skills, but it's still pretty important if you want to become a legend in Night City, you know, that thing V and Jackie are always talking about.

But Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t exactly explain what Street Cred is, how best to gain it, and why you would want any in the first place. Have no fear, though: that’s why I’m here, after all.

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What Street Cred Is

Street Cred is somewhat confusingly named so you might confuse it with cool that gives you extra options in conversation or credits that are the in-game currency, but it is neither. Street Cred is actually an auxiliary leveling system that works off the regular experience, much like the leveling system. 

Outside of a few factors we’ll discuss further down the page it doesn’t change your game that much, and you might find yourself gaining street cred when you don’t know why. But if you’re looking to complete the game fully, you’ll need to reach the street cred level cap of 50 to unlock the Legend of the Afterlife trophy/achievement.

How Best to Gain It

You’ll gain street cred from completing Gigs, the sidequests provided by Fixers, the people that are constantly calling you with jobs, and sending you pictures of cars that they definitely haven’t stolen.

Not only is street cred rewarded for gigs, but it is also used to unlocked higher-level gigs as you explore the city. You’ll probably be given gigs faster than you can complete them so it is worth checking your journal and map to see just how many you have, and if there are any close by when you’re at a loose end.

Thankfully, these gigs are voice acts and do come with some plot, even if they aren’t as enthralling as the main story. They also give you an excuse to explore the city a little more. Most gigs revolve are accessing a restricted area and killing some people inside, so they’re not boring either.

You can also gain street cred by ‘resolving’ NCPD situations, which involves more shooting and killing, or completely bounties, which also involves more shooting and killing. NCPD situations are the outbreaks of street violence you see sometimes as your driving or walking past. Bounties can be checked by scanning NPCs and see if they have any outstanding warrants.

Neither of these latter options, however, is very profitable in this regard, so if you’re trying to grind up your Street Cred quickly, you’ll want to focus on the Gigs.

Why You Want Street Cred In The First Place

While it doesn’t involve any new skills, a higher street cred does give you access to high tech equipment that you can spend actual credits on. You’ll find at certain milestones your street cred will reveal new weapons and clothing options from vendors, and even new gear from ripper docs.

This can be game-changing, especially when you browse the stock at ripper docs. Such gear can and will completely change your character and even your approach to various situations. Shops and vendors seem to change their stock every so often in Cyberpunk 2077, but we’ve compiled a list of when your street cred will unlock new toys for you to buy.

Level 5: Weapon vendors will be so impressed by your killing ability they’ll give you even better weapons to kill with.

Level 12: You’ll be famous enough that clothes shops will want you wearing their brands while you’re on a killing spree, so give you access to new fashion lines early.

Level 14: Clothing shops will give you even more clothes, since the last ones you bought are probably all bloody by now, thanks to all the murder.

Level 20: All that killing is starting to affect your elbows, so the ripper docs will have new gear to fix up and continue killing.

Level 27: You’re a fashion icon, and clothing vendors will be hypnotised by your violent ballet and offer even more clothes.

Level 37: It's taken a while, but the weapon vendors finally have new stock for you to purchase (if you haven’t just started using whatever weapon your enemies dropped).

Level 45: The weapon vendors are sorry you had to wait so long for new weapons and are very scared of you, so they’ve opened up a new line of shooty guns and stabby knives just for you.

Level 50: Those new weapons are so effective you’ve probably got body parts in your gears now, so the ripper docs will give you access to their best work to fish it out.