‘Cyberpunk 2077’ To Be Completely Different Than ‘The Witcher 3’, But Keeps Good Elements


CD Projekt's Red upcoming new title 'CyberPunk 2077' will build upon the successful elements from 'The Witcher 3', but is still a completely different game.

The game's lead quest designer Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, mentioned this during a panel from PAX Australia, which was livestreamed on Twitch. The PAX event in Australia, took place in Melbourne from October 30, till November the 1st.

I shouldn't have to explain the insane success of The Witcher 3, and as sayings go, one might argue that you should never change a winning formula.

CD Projekt Red seems to be doing just that with their upcoming RPG 'Cyberpunk 2077'. During the PAX panel, Tomaszkiewicz talked about bringing over, elements that were good about 'The Witcher 3', to Cyberpunk.

Completely different game than The Witcher 3

The quest designer mentions the quest design system as an example. Apart from these 'good working' elements, Cyberpunk will be totally a totally different game than The Witcher 3. Down below you'll find a small transcript from the panel:

Definitely, we want to keep the things that were good about it [the quest design system] for Cyberpunk, and basically we don’t want to change things that were working properly. So we will stick to the guidelines that were working.

I think there are things that we could have done better, so we will adjust it to Cyberpunk’s requirements. Also, it’s a completely different game, It’s obviously an RPG as well, but it has totally different systems. We need to focus on making the gameplay fun in different ways than sword fighting is.

So I think we will have to adjust, but like I said, we will try to keep all the good things that we did on The Witcher.

Cyberpunk 2077 was unveiled back in 2011, when CD Projekt Red hinted at 'a new project'.

“Working with Platige Image on the first Witcher game left us with a great impression. They are truly amazing; their work is clearly world-class. We are certain their video material will spice up our newest production. While a high-quality rendered movie takes a lot of work to produce and is short compared to the total gameplay time, it is very impressive, and thus adds considerably to the overall mood of the game,” said Adam Badowski, The Witcher 2 Game Director.

Check out the teaser trailer for the game below:

In October of 2012, the new project was officially named 'Cyberpunk 2077'. The game will be set in the world created by Mike Pondsmith, one of the fathers of the cyberpunk genre and the creator of the cult-classic pen-and-paper RPG, Cyberpunk.

A release date hasn't been set for the game, but hopefully we'll hear more about in the near future.