Crysis 2 Benchmarking Tool “Adrenaline 2” Released


Great news for PC gamers and Hardware Enthusiasts as a benchmarking tool called "Adrenaline 2" is now available to benchmark Crytek's latest graphical creation Crysis 2 which has been achieved making by CryEngine 3. The tool has a simple interface through which you can select different Maps to benchmark and also set loops for multiple benchmarks. There is option to adjust different visual settings which are primarily locked in the game and can only be adjusted through a utility which was launched days after the games release.

Following are details on the benchmarking tool:

Key features:

  • Version in Portuguese and English (the language automatically detects the operating system)
  • Support various resolutions in sequence
  • Support three image quality options (HIGH, VERY HIGH and EXTREME)
  • Support the filter settings Anti-Aliasing
  • Choose from several game maps
  • Option number of times the test will run sequentially in the same resolution (loops)


  • Online Ranking: possibility to upload your score online, with ability to compare scores with other users


You can download the benchmarking tool from here.