CRYENGINE Powered Action RPG Wolcen to Release in Q1 2020

Alessio Palumbo

Wolcen, the CRYENGINE powered action RPG crowdfunded via Kickstarter back in 2015, will finally get its full release in the first quarter of 2020. The developers announced this to the Steam community a couple of days ago (the game has been available on Steam Early Access since March 2016).

Before that, there'll be a content patch due in late September/early October.

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Wrath of Sarisel will introduce a challenging mode requiring cooperation and coordination to face and destroy Sarisel’s half breed sent after you. There will be a more detailed announcement to explain this feature since there is a lot of details to cover, but you’ll get the idea of the type of content you will have in this video. Some of the future act 2 environments were used as well, so you’ll also have a sneak peek on future areas, and on another Apocalyptic form in action! The Apocalyptic forms will also be the object of a future announcement, where we will introduce all of them and their dedicated skills.

After Wrath of Sarisel and its debug phase including several hotfixes, the team will focus entirely on the release of the game. The release content will include:

  • 3 Acts of an epic and immersive campaign that will continue for years
  • A new endgame storyline, tied to the campaign
  • Multiplayer and cooperative content
  • Character level up to 90
  • 21 archetypes in the Gate of Fates
  • 40 skills(including summoning skills!) with 12 to 16 modifiers per skill
  • 4 Apocalyptic forms with their dedicated skills and attacks
  • Crafting
  • Pets
  • Character customization including the female character
  • 10 tiers of armors, special armors, and very cool uniques
  • Armor skin transfer and tinting
  • Customizable game rules thanks to area alterations
  • Secondary/optional content

But that’s not all! Wolcen’s development won’t end with the release of the game, it will be the beginning of a long story of additional free content, new Acts, new items, new and returning features that will enrich the game and continuously provide new challenges and activities for players.

Check out the Wolcen gameplay trailer showcased at Gamescom 2019.

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