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Crytek, has revealed some new screenshots for CRYENGINE for the GDC 2015 event. The images appear to be taken from a variety of games ranging from the beautiful open-world RPG, Kingdom Come Deliverance from Warhorse Studios, Monster Hunter Online and UMBRA a new hack & slash game from Solarfall Games.

Crytek also released two new trailers showing off the versatility and power of CRYENGINE. The first trailer details the specific features of CRYENGINE, and how the accessibility of the engine enables developers of variable sizes and budgets, to create amazingly detailed projects. Some features include Physically Based Rendering, 3D HDR Lens Flares, and multiple other features, that can bring stunning game worlds to life from CRYENGINE licensees and EaaS subscribers.

The second one demonstrates work From CRYENGINE licensees, form well known studios, to smaller independent developers, working with CRYENGINE as a service (EaaS) subscription model. Featuring footage from both Monster Hunter Online and Evolve, it demonstrates the immense potential of the CRYENGINE in creating beautiful gaming experiences.

Features in this Trailer:

Physically Based Rendering
Image Based Lighting
Screen Space Directional Occlusion
Real-Time Local Reflections
Time of Day
Realistic Vegetation
3D HDR Lens Flares
Geometry Cache
Dynamic Particle System
Motion Blur & Depth of Field
Volumetric Fog Shadows
Interactive Physics
Advanced AI System
Versatile Character Creation

Games & Licensees in this Trailer:
Civilization Online - XL Games
Rolling Sun
Umbra – SolarFall Games
Miscreated – Entrada Interactive
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – The Chinese Room
Evolve – Turtle Rock Studios
WindWalkers – Froge Animation
King of Wushu - Snail Games
Lichdom Battlemage – Xaviant
Kingdom Come : Deliverance – WarHorse
Legend of Yulong – Tencent
Sonic Boom – Big Red Button
Snow – Poppermost
Monster Hunter Online – Tencent

Crytek at GDC 2015

Crytek will set up base at booth #1424 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, where attendees will be able to take a closer look at a brand new VR demo powered by CRYENGINE and witness Crytek's technology at work on Android-based systems. On top of seeing CRYENGINE unleashed for VR and Android, visitors can discover how the engine is equipping developers on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Linux, and learn more about CRYENGINE Sandbox – the ultimate multiplatform toolset.

Throughout the expo, Crytek's booth will also play host to a regular program of live theatre demos hosted by CRYENGINE licensees and Crytek staff. These demos will offer audiences a detailed look at how both major studios and indie developers are using the engine to create stunning new projects irrespective of size or budget.

You can view or download uncompressed versions of the videos over at Gamersyde, here and here.